We are doing a little bit of traveling. This weekend, we'll be playing at Atlas Clothes in Seattle (Friday, April 13). Later in the cruelest month, we will be playing the Hemlock in San Francisco (Friday, April 27). May brings flowers, and a show at the Towne Lounge back in Ptown (Friday, May 18). Then, we inaugurate June with a show at Doug Fir (Friday, June 1).

And yes, we are still releasing an album. It's done. We just don't know when the bun will come out of the oven. We're starting an office pool, if you want to get in on the action.

In the meantime, we're excited to be doing a split 7" with excellent Aussie poppers, Summer Cats. If you live in Australia, keep an eye out for it...should be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks. If you don't live in Australia, fear not, we should have a few copies for sale on our site.

Stay tuned, friends. We'll keep you posted. Hopefully, we'll see some of you at the shows in the next few weeks.

*current best song ever: "wailing goodbye" by ian matthews


This Sunday, Heather will be the featured guest on KPSU's Portland Soundtracks, talking about her musical influences and her monthly column in the Portland Tribune. The show is an hour long and combines an interview and Heather spinning some of her all-time favorite songs.

The specifics:
Sunday, January 21st, at 3pm
PDX Soundtracks
Portland Metro Area listen on 1450 AM

*current best song ever: "magic" by pilot


Some of you have asked why we did a Christmas song, so here it is...

Nicholas and I have always wanted to do a Christmas song. We both love Christmas music. The pop songs and the church songs choke me up equally, but my personal favorite is "Baby Please Come Home." Sleigh bells with some echo are like egg nog for the ears.

So around Thanksgiving we decided this was the year that we would finally make our own Christmas music. We wrote the song, recorded and mixed it, all in about ten days, thanks to a lot of help from our friends. Pictures of the session are here.

We've tried to write about Omaha before but have never succeeded. Christmas in Omaha is both wonderful and bleak as hell. It's cold and opaquely grey, and everyone's feeling claustrophobic in their overheated, stuffy interiors. Maybe it's a common twenty-something experience, but there, all the kids who come home for Christmas gather in the bars around the clock. No day is sacred; they show up on Christmas Eve right after the pie has been cut. They're there on Christmas Day as early they can manage without seeming like degenerates. I say they, but of course, by "they" I mean "we."

Maybe some of you can relate. This Christmas, we'll be at the Homy Inn with the rest of the exiles. And when we tell the owners we've written a song about their fine establishment, maybe we'll get a pitcher of tap champagne on the house.

*current best song ever: "snow" by claudine longet


Merry euXmas. May we present...little drummer boy roll please...our new and first Christmas single. You can download the song for FREE here or--even better--you can order the whole package from us. Each CD has a limited edition, hand silkscreened jacket. The CD features two tracks: our original song, "Another Christmas at Home," and our own interpretation of "Merry Xmas Everybody," the classic by Slade. The songs feature guest stars Anna and Ellen Shee Bee Gee and Slade's #1 fan (no kidding), a six year-old named Milo. There are two choices for shipping--priority US mail or standard mail. All prices include shipping. If you don't live in the US, send us an email and we'll figure something out. Maybe we'll hand deliver it.

And Santa must have been listening in earnest: our new album is almost finished being mixed.

Hope all of you have safe and happy holidays. We are grateful to have such good listeners in our life. Thank you.

Peace, love, and peanut brittle.

*current best song ever: "teenage christmas" by nikki sudden and dave kusworth


News you can use: we are mixing our album this week. It's ten tracks of lusciousness, made ever lusher by Jeff. That's all we can tell you.

This weekend (Saturday, November 18) we're playing Seattle for the first time--how is this possible? We'll be playing an all ages @ Fusion Cafe (part of the Vera Project @ 909 4th Ave), with Math and Physics Club, Boat, and The Lonely Forest. If you're in the area, come!

We're revisiting the site of our first last show (before Nicholas moved to New York and then returned) by playing Tonic Lounge this Thursday (November 16). If you like pop, this is the one for you. Lineup includes Boston band Bon Savants.

New t-shirts are up on the website now! Get 'em while they're hot!!!

*current best song ever: "the sound of free" by dennis wilson